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Develop something very specific,
Long term and manage every aspect.
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Templates & Third Party Platforms

Fastest time to market, good to maintain lower cost, online payments, reservations, easy and reliable

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We have been involved in projects related to Real State, Wellness, Tourism, Fintech, Restaurants, Hotels and Costa Rica Government.

Websites are tools for tour clients to easily find information about, reserve or buy your services or buy your products.

We have gained experience developing projects and websites oriented to sales, for example landing pages that convert traffic into buying customers, all the way create robust e-commerce platforms or to control and automatize inventory purchase and control process.

300% Sales
Increment for the client

We redesigned the website & run google ads to increase sales.
Improved booking rate in 400% more bookings per month
Increased the amount of people per booking in 200% more people per tour

E-Commerce Platform

Multi-vendor marketplace for Business & Travelers

List your business , schedule or availability and accept payments via PayPal
Including Features such as:
confirmation process via automatic  e-mails for vendors and clients
Payment integration with PayPal
GPS positioning
Booking Tools to reserve services ( clases, tours, equipment)
Sync with other calendars

Suggested Considerations and Best Practices with Examples

Detailed Oriented

Click button to reveal improvement made to original picture

We Decreased the brightness on the ocean side, highlighted the top of the tress, increase the depth of the shadows.
We also can take care of all Graphic Design and Prototyping with an integral approach so all your images, graphics and colors, come together to form one cohesive design.
A successful composition means that you have arranged, distributed, aligned and compiled your design in a way that not only looks good but is also highly functional and effective.

We give priority to usability &
make improvements with data

Following SCRUM methodology is better to rapidly test assumption and collect data to make informed decisions.
This is why at the beginning of a project, we add more priority on usability rather to the artistic aspect of design.
With our experience we can will publish products that work opposite to what is going on in the picture.

You, Your Business & Brand Can Change

A brand can be enhanced or modified and customers will adapt, but if people don’t find value on your products probably they won’t be coming back. Market Research and great preparation is important, but testing products live is the best approach to test the market. Don't focus on the logo or the colors of the brand, prioritize the value and attention to your customer.

Clients Revisit Uncomplicated websites
with easy to access information.

According to Business2Community, around 86% of online shoppers are willing to pay more for a smoother, better shopping experience, and 49% of them are likely to impulse buy when they receive one.

People don’t return to online stores with slow check out or difficulty to find products

Forrester Research tells us that around 50% of potential sales are lost simply because visitors are unable to find what they are looking for on eCommerce sites. Also, at least 45% of US customers will abandon a purchase if they have a question about the product or the shopping process and aren’t able to easily find the answer.

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Drive quality traffic to your website
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Best for you: Build your own code vs a platform such as Wordpress vs Shopify ?

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We also work the prototype, graphic design, content creation, videos and advertisement.

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