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At this precise moment you could be showcasing your products or services, to people who are actively searching for it!


Example of Success Case

The video was filmed following storytelling technique and knowingly it was going to be used for advertisement, to showcase the surf lesson of a kid. Taking into consideration 3 angles, aerial, underwater and sea level. After, editing together with ambient sound and background music.Then we designed the strategy on how to run the ads and the configuration needed to be set on Facebook and Instagram. Choosing carefully the display options and using text directed to parents.

A campaign with hi reach and low cost per click
Because people where engaging with the content the video lasts 1 minute
and people where watching 54 seconds. 90% length view duration

$6 investment

Reach 1.384 views
Cost-Per-Action (CTA) = $0.74

4 days campaign
4 leads of people interested in the service
1 paying customer
Cost of the class $45 - Cost of Investment $6 = Return of investment (ROI) $39

How can we do this?

A couple of secrets, passion, experience, planning and ongoing review of progress


Define which are your goal and desired style.
Prepare concise and engaging texts.
Prepare content that is not typical, we use a mix of storytelling and Neuro-marketing.
We are open to use stock, but also willing and able to create fresh appealing and engaging illustrations.  
You need to set bots for automatic answers to initial customer inquiries or be really pending.
Review that your website UX/UI is good to convert traffic into leads, meaning it complies with all requisites to convince a visitor into a interested possible buyer.


As the budget is spent and the advertising campaigns continue to progress, data is generated. We use the data to make adaptations.

These are some metrics we place big attention on:

CPM Cost per thousand impressions
CPC Cost per Click 
CTR Click-through rate
CPA Cost per Action or Cost per Acquisition
CLV Customer Lifetime Value

Tracking Progress

All Social Media platforms have a built in administration and control section, in which we can identify which ad is best.

Best meaning that with a low cost we are obtaining a hi reach and low cost per interaction click. 

Different styles ad has to be tested. Photo, Video, Short for some platforms , long for others.

The goal is to maximize the amount of visits to the site, and improve the conversion ratio.

Landing Page and SEO

Most important metric is Website visits vs Amount of sales.

As data is gathered, we will reduce uncertainty and understand more and more what it is that the customer needs to read, see and hear to be more intrigued about your company.

The layout and information in the website has to be updated, with important keywords (part of SEO) and the information that the prospects need.

All layers and steps of the customer journey are important, each aspect that is improved, and we can focus  efforts on the prospects most likely to purchase your product or service.

Email Marketing

Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer, therefore why not find a smart strategy to keep in contact with clients without falling into the spam.

We prefer to reach out to people who have willingly agreed to receive communications from your business.

Use your email campaigns to keep your company’s name on top of the mind of your customer, establish a better reputation as a valuable resource and aim to build a one-on-one relationship with current customers. Engage again with other similar products or content available on your website or blog.

Engage again with other similar products or content available on your website or blog.

Marketing strategies

SEO-based content creation
Search engine marketing
Social media marketing
Influencer marketing
Forum engagement
Email marketing
Video marketing
Social paid ads
Local search

Formats of content

Visual content
Social media

We are really good at this!

+ Targeting your audience better nationally and internationally
+ Improve your conversion rate and the quality of your leads
+ Connecting with Your Audience in the Right Time & Place
+ Generate quality leads with a low acquisition cost
+ Reach more customers for less investment

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